Waterjet Cutting

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          At Steel Unlimited, Inc, we offer waterjet cutting of parts and components for industrial and commercial industries.           Waterjet cutting is an extremely efficient in creating complex shapes inexpensively, and manufacturing forms ready for
          final machining. No heat effected zones or mechanical stresses are left on a waterjet cut surface. It is truly a versatile,           productive, cold cutting process.

  • Precise cutting with high degree of accuracies through the use of CNC robotics       • Burr-free cut            • Non-toxic

  • Suited to a wide range of materials          • Minimal material waste, which keeps your costs low          • Complex shapes

  • No heat-related distortion to material       • Superior edge quality

  • Maintains material integrity by eliminating material distortion or degradation such as burning, crushing, chipping and fracturing that occur with other cutting methods such as laser or die cutting.

  • Large Cutting Bed: up-to 10" X 96" x 330" cutting bed allows for production of large parts.

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