Custom Fabrication

Spec Sheet

At SUI Water Well Division, we have found that no two projects are alike.  We work with you to provide the best possible product in the configurations that you need. We normally do custom fabrication for each order, but we also have several standard models to choose from.

When you are the one putting together the project, you need to know it is going  to be done right. At SUI WaterWell Division, we stand behind our products.  We sell Fabricated Pump Head Housings, Steel Casings, Flange Columns Barrels and more for all of your municipal, agricultural and Water Well applications.

Your specs, our techs:
 We can produce any configuration that you are looking for. Just contact one of our SUI Water Well Division service pros about the details. You provide the blueprints and/or the configuration details and we will supply you with the finished product.


For more information, email an SUI Service Pro today